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Changzhou Best GBM Motors Co. Ltd.(Changzhou Amec & GBM Motors Co.,Ltd.) is in the original Changzhou Motor Factory (Changzhou BMW group company) on the basis of the formation of the reform of private enterprises, the company is located in Jiangsu city of Changzhou Province, covers an area of 20 thousand square meters, construction area of nearly 15 thousand square meters, has 10 kinds of motor production line, mainly fine, large and rare equipments, the existing fixed assets of 160 million, nearly 350 employees, including professional and technical personnel nearly 30.

Our company has 50 years of research and development history of micro motor, and constantly develops motor categories and varieties. It has formed three series of stepper motor, DC motor and AC motor, and has its own mold processing center. The production of various motors for the mold, tooling, and so on, is the key enterprises in China's micro motor manufacturing industry. GBM brand motor has been exported to Europe and the United States, Middle East market, has a lot of friends and partners at home and abroad.

The main products of the company are the following three major categories:
1. Stepper motor: hybrid, magnetoresistance, permanent magnet
Current motor: motor, electric tool motor, household and industrial motor.
AC motor: office, household and industrial air conditioning motor.
2, electrical appliances: step motor drive, computer industrial control system, medium breakdown device.
3, machinery: precision die casting our company has always paid attention to technical progress, product update, product categories and varieties continue to expand, technology content is constantly improved.

The quality policy of the company is: meticulous design, meticulous production, strict management and sincere service. The company has passed the ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality system certification of the British National Quality Assurance Co., Ltd. (NQA), and the related products are certified by UL, CE and CCC. We will do our best to provide convenience for our customers. We will provide long-term, high quality and perfect service to our customers from the long-term interests of the vast number of users. At the same time, to create a world-class motor production enterprise for China!

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    Company vision

    Become a highly respected supplier of micro and special motors in the industry

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    Integrity, Gratitude, Focus, Innovation

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    Business philosophy

    High quality and efficiency, pioneering and innovative

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    Company mission

    Create value for customers, create well-being for employees, and create benefits for society





Electronic water pump, headlight washer system, windshield washer system, seat adjustment system, seat headrest adjustment system, pedal adjustment system, engine thermostat system, etc.


Household appliances

Air conditioners, fresh air, garbage shredders, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.


Industrial Products

Power tools, machine tools, ATM machines, etc.


Specialty Products

Ships, precision guidance, etc.


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