Electric bike repair motor failure

Electric bike repair motor failure

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[Summary information]Motor failure mechanical failure and electrical failure of two categories, mechanical failure is relatively easy to find

Electric bike repair motor failure

(Summary description)Motor failure mechanical failure and electrical failure of two categories, mechanical failure is relatively easy to find

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Motor failure mechanical failure and electrical failure of two categories, mechanical failure is relatively easy to find, and electrical failure must be measured by measuring its voltage or current to determine the analysis. We now introduce common motor fault detection and troubleshooting.
First, the motor no-load current
When the motor no-load current is greater than the reference table limit data, it indicates that the motor has failed. Motor no-load current for a large reason:
① Motor internal mechanical friction.
② local coil short circuit.
③ magnet demagnetization.
Second, the motor load / load speed ratio greater than 1.5
Turn on the power, turn the handle, the motor speed no-load rotation 10s or more.
After the motor speed is stable, measure the no-load maximum speed N1 of the motor at this time with the hand-held speed / speed meter.
In the standard test conditions, driving more than 200m distance, began to measure the motor maximum load speed N2. No load / load speed ratio = N2 ÷ N1. When the motor's no-load / load speed ratio is greater than 1.5, it indicates that the demagnetization of the magnet of the motor has been quite fantastic. The whole set of magnets in the motor should be replaced. Generally, the entire motor is replaced in the actual maintenance process of the electric car.
Third, the motor fever
Use a non-contact infrared thermometer, or multimeter temperature measurement gear (with temperature measurement of the multimeter), measuring the motor cover temperature exceeds the environment
Temperature above 25 ℃, indicating that the motor temperature has exceeded the normal range, the general temperature of the motor should be below 20 ℃.
The direct cause of motor heating is due to the current caused. Motor current I, the motor input electromotive force E1, induced electromotive force motor rotation (also known as anti
Electromotive force) E2, and the relationship between the motor coil resistance R is: I = (E1-E2) ÷ R
I increases, indicating that R decreases or E2 decreases. R is smaller than the general coil short circuit or open circuit caused. E2 reduction is generally caused by the demagnetization of the magnet or the coil is short-circuit, caused by an open circuit.
In the practice of repairing a complete vehicle of an electric car, a method of dealing with a problem of heating of the motor is generally to replace a motor.
Fourth, the motor is running within the mechanical collision or mechanical noise
No matter high-speed motor or low-speed motor, there should be no mechanical collision or intermittent irregular mechanical noise during load operation. Different forms of motor
Different methods can be used for maintenance.
Fifth, the vehicle mileage shortening, motor fatigue
25 ℃ ambient temperature, the standard test conditions, with different forms of motor assembly of the vehicle, the continued mileage is not the same.
If the actual number of miles traveled is less than the reference number, we can conclude that the vehicle's continuation mileage is short. Vehicle fatigue performance for the motor uphill power is small, start-up time, with a marked slowdown test run.
The reasons for the short duration of the car continued short motor weakness (commonly known as motor boring) is more complicated. But when we ruled out the above four kinds of motor failure, in general, the vehicle short-term mileage short fault is not caused by the motor. This and the attenuation of battery capacity, the charger is full of dissatisfaction with the battery, the controller parameters drift (PWM signal does not reach 100%) and so on.
Six, brushless motor phase loss
Brushless motor phase loss is generally due to damage to the Hall element brushless motor caused. We can measure the Hall element output by measuring the Hall relative to the Hall wire and ground
Relative Hall sensor lead resistance, using comparison method to determine which Hall element failure.
In order to ensure the exact commutation position, it is generally recommended to replace all Hall elements at the same time. Before replacing the Hall element, it must be clarified whether the phase algebraic angle of the motor is 120 ° or 60 °. The positions of the three Hall elements of the 60 ° phase angle motor are generally parallel. The 120 ° phase angle motor, one of the three Hall elements, is placed 180 ° upside down.

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